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gst registration in bangalore

GST, which stands for Goods and Services Tax, is an indirect tax in India that is charged when goods are sold or services are given. Gst registration in Bangalore is replaced by most indirect taxes except a few through its multi-step assessment and thorough procedure. The tax is added to the final price and the buyer pays it at the point of sale.The seller then sends the money to the government.

It's easy to register for GST and you can do it all on the online GST portal. Businesses can register by filling out a form on the GST portal and sending in the necessary documents. The GST registration in India is very important for businesses.Getting registered at the gst registration office in Bangalore confirms the smooth flow of Input Tax Credit and makes you known as a registered supplier.

Install our Small Business Accounting App and upload your GST bills. Furthermore, you can receive support with gst filing in Bangalore, partnership registration in Bangalore, Pvt ltd registration in Bangalore, and accounting and bookkeeping services in Bangalore.


Structural Framework for Micro Entities:

Small businesses are benefited as they can exercise the option for utilising the composition scheme. The composition scheme has considerably brought down the compliance and the tax burden on small businesses. Mibook provides all the gst registration services and keeps your business legally up to date.

GST registration has annihilated the dip consequences of Tax:

GST is a form of Indirect tax that is designed to subsume all the indirect taxes under one umbrella. GST has reduced the cascading effect of tax that was prevailing earlier. If your business is not yet registered and you are not availing the benefits of GST registration then acquire GST registration services at Mibook right now.

Boosts Coherence of the logistics:

The Products and Services Tax Act has substantially relaxed limitations on the interstate movement of goods.This reduction in superfluous logistics expenditures has increased the profitability of enterprises involved in the transportation of goods.


Digital Signature: DSC of Partners or Directors, in case of LLP and Company only

Photograph: Copy of passport size photograph of the Proprietor/Partners /Directors

Entity’s PAN Card: A copy of the PAN Card of the business entity

PAN & Aadhar Card: A copy of the Aadhar Card of Proprietor/Partners/Directors

Business Address Proof: Latest Electricity bill/Any Tax paid bill/Municipal Khata Copy

Rent Agreement: If the place is rented a rent agreement is mandatory else consent letter is sufficient

Bank details: Latest Bank Statement/Copy of cancelled cheque/copy of the first page of passbook

Certificate of Registration: The entity should provide a registration certificate with MOA- AOA/LLP Agreement or Partnership Deed as applicable.

gst registration consultants in bangalore


Day 1

1. Consultancy for the requirement of GST Registration
2. Collection of basic Information & documents
3. Preparation of required documents
4. Share documents for Applicant’s Signature, if required

Day 2 - 3

1. Preparation of online application
2. Filing of registration application

Day 4 onwards

1. Government processing time
2. GST Registration Certificate*


Registration is accessible for all types of GST payers through one of the standardised web applications known as Mibook.

Normal Taxpayer

This type of GST registration in India is applicable to taxpayers operating a business in India.Those registering as regular taxpayers are not required to make a deposit, and their validity dates are unrestricted.

Composition Taxpayer

To be eligible as composition taxpayers, individuals must enrol in the GST composition scheme. Taxpayers may pay GST at a set rate under the composition model. Taxpayers choosing the composition plan, however, are not eligible to receive the input tax credit.

Casual taxable person

The casual taxable person category is where a taxpayer who plans to open a booth or a temporary store should register. A deposit equal to the taxpayer's GST liability is required in this case. A match between the liability and the active registration periods is necessary. An active registration is only for 3 months.

Non-resident Taxable Person

Individuals residing outside of India fall under the category of non-resident tax paying person. In order to register as a casual taxable person, the taxpayer must deposit an amount equal to their GST liability. The responsibility must correspond to the active registration periods. The non-resident taxpayer's registration is valid for three months.

Taking the help of GST registration consultants in Bangalore to comply with GST registration offers your business immense benefits and helps your business become more competitive and sound.


Gain Government Tenders

Most of the government tenders require GSTIN to apply for. If you don’t have one, you may miss a great business opportunity.

Trading on Ecommerce sites

Without a GST registration in Bangalore, one can not sell their services through an eCommerce site which is becoming a major part of our Indian market. If your business has registered GST then you have an opportunity to sell your products/service through top eCommerce sites in India.

Trade anywhere in India

Having a GSTIN allows you to trade inter-state. So getting your business registered for GST adds this bonus to your business.

Earn input tax credit

Only the businesses that have registered for GST in Bangalore can avail of input of GST tax paid on their purchases and save the cost.

Get your GST Registration done today!!! Through MI Book.


gst registration in bangalore

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before the introduction of the GST, each state's tax authority provided a special TIN number to each dealer registered under the state VAT statute. For compliance and management reasons of GST registration in Bangalore, all registered taxpayers are combined onto a single platform under the GST regime and given registration under a single authority. Every company doing business in a state or union territory will receive a special GSTIN, or Goods and Services Tax Identification Number. On the ClearTax GST Search Tool, the GSTIN can be verified, the GST Registration process includes it.

GST registration consultants in Bangalore will ask you to provide a working email address, a PAN (Permanent Account Number) for the firm, and a working mobile number (an India number) to get this done.

Hiring a GST registration consultant in Bangalore and submitting your returns on time are always safe decisions. The advantages of employing GST registration professionals in Bangalore are mentioned below in order to help you stay out of trouble and avoid fines.

- The renowned GST registration in Bangalore will assume your position, comprehend your tax requirements, and assume full obligation up till the task is properly completed.
- Periodic GST filing services, including monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual filing, are provided by licenced GST registration experts in Bangalore.
- If necessary, an efficient and reputable GST registration consultant in Bangalore will provide emergency services and defend clients' rights.
- The reputable GST consultant will act as a middleman and provide a range of services, including the modification and cancellation of the GST.
- An experienced GST consultant will be able to provide his clients with the greatest service because he has deep knowledge of the regulations governing GST filing.

Through the GST Portal, the applicant can complete the process of GST registration in Bangalore. When an application is submitted, the site immediately produces a GST ARN. The taxpayer must get a GST registration certificate and GSTIN within 7 days of ARN production with the help of a GST registration consultant in Bangalore

Step 1: Visit the GST Portal.
Step 2: Complete OTP Validation to Generate a TRN
Step 3: OTP Verification & TRN Generation
When the aforementioned information is submitted, the OTP Verification page appears.
Step 4: Generated TRN
A TRN will be produced if the OTP verification is successfully completed.
Step 5: Sign in using TRN.
The applicant must start the process of GST registration in Bangalore as soon as they receive their TRN.
Step 6: Submit business data
Step 7: Bank Account Information
Enter how many bank accounts the applicant has in this section.
Step 8: Verification of the Application
Step 9: ARN Produced
The application's success message is shown after signing it.

Any company with yearly revenue of more than Rs. 75 lakhs is eligible to pay a flat tax of 1% to 5%. Before launching any business, a person should familiarise himself with the pertinent laws and regulations around their line of business with the help of a GST registration consultant in Bangalore.
You must be well informed about GST registration in Bangalore for small businesses if you are getting ready to start a new firm. Yes, all small firms register for GST since the GST Act requires them to do so. If you are a maker of goods with an annual turnover of more than Rs. 40 Lakhs, you should definitely think about getting a GST for small businesses. Businesses in the services industry with annual revenue over Rs. 20 Lakhs must register for GST. For northeastern states, this cap has been lowered to Rs. 10 lakhs.

The normal taxpayer must provide the required paperwork after requesting GST registration in Bangalore, which is entirely online. In order to obtain GST registration in Bangalore, you need to observe the following requirements:

- Once the GST registration consultant in Bangalore gets your request they contact the applicant to learn more about the applicant's business and the location where the applicant is already operating.
- The paperwork needed to register for GST in Bangalore is gathered online by GST professionals
- When the payment is started, the advisors who will be on hand to answer any questions about GST registration start the registration procedure.
- In Bangalore, obtaining a GST registration takes 3 to 7 working days. The applicant does not need to be present in person at the office for anything; everything is done online at Mibook.

The advantages of GST registration in Bangalore are numerous, and we have outlined them here:

- The cascading effect of tax has been removed thanks to GST, which has combined all indirect taxes under a single guise and lessened the earlier-noticeable cascading effect.
- The registration barrier has increased. Prior to the introduction of VAT, every company with a turnover of more than Rs. 5 lakh was required to pay VAT. The upper limit varied depending on the state.
- Small firms benefit from the option of a composition plan since it gives them more flexibility.
- The regulatory requirements and tax load for small firms have decreased because of this composition scheme.
- Online processes with the help of a GST registration consultant in Bangalore are quick and easy.
- Reduced Compliance In comparison to other taxes, the GST has fewer compliances.

Suppliers of products and services must do Goods and Service Tax/GST registration in Bangalore if their annual sales reach Rs 20 lakh. For suppliers who sell only goods inside a state, the annual sales threshold is Rs 40 lakh.

Even prior to hitting the threshold for required registration, voluntary registration is possible. No matter the revenue, charging GST is required after registration is secured. In the case of a private limited company, the company registration itself comes with the award of GST Registration.

Any casual taxpayer, any Input Service Distributor (ISD) representatives, agents, or vendors who sell goods online to Interstate, providers of goods and services, and Anyone who is a non-resident taxable entity are subject to taxation as a result of the reverse-charge process and should take advise from GST registration consultant in Bangalore.