Patent Registration

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Within 7 Days

• Authorization Letter Drafting (POA)
• Patent search
• Patent Drafting
• Patent application filing

What is Patent?

A Patent is an intellectual property and is the exclusive right granted for inventions. It is granted by the Government of India to the Patentee for a limited period of 20 years from the date of application. It is provided in exchange for the full disclosure of his/her invention, for excluding others from making, selling, using and importing the patented product or process of producing that product for those purposes. The purpose of this system is to encourage innovation, dissemination of technology and development of industries. Patents ensure legal title for the invention for which patent has been granted, which may be extremely valuable to an individual or company and they should make best use of this system. Patent right is territorial in nature. For eg. Patent granted in US is not enforceable in India. The inventors or their assignees should file separate patent applications in India through patent attorneys in India for obtaining patents in India.

Facts about Patent Registration in India

• According to the Indian Patent Law, the invention must be new in order to be patentable
• Prior use of invention before filing an application for patent can also destroy originality/novelty
• An invention can only be patentable if it is useful
• An invention can only be patented when it fulfills the criteria for patentability as per the law in India

Required Details

• Complete Patent Specification including patent claims
• Patent Drawings (if any)
• Patent Priority Documents
• Patent Abstract
• Power of Attorney

What are advantages of getting patent in India

• Building business around the invention
• Having patent helps in raising capital for business
• Patent rights can be licensed to other companies to receive royalty payments
• You can sell the patent
• Being owner of the patent you have rights to block others from making, using, selling or offering importing the patented invention for sale, and
• Thus businesses and inventors can have a complete monopoly and competitive advantage

The following procedures should be followed while applying for Permanent Patent

Day 1 - 8

1. Collection of provisional application (If any), and discussion of basic information.
2. Provide documents about complete patent specification including its claims.
3. Finalize type of agreement
4. Finalize terms and condition

Day 9 - 20

1. Drafting of Patent Priority Documents
2. Drafting of permanent Patent application

Day 24

Filing Online form

Day 25

You will receive a receipt from patent office acknowledging you the date of filling, application number and invention title.

Documents required for provisional patent filing

Title: Title of the invention
Applicants Information: Name, address and nationality of each applicant for the patent.
Description of the Invention: Detailed description of the invention and details about what the patentee wants to claim out of the invention
Technical aspects of the invention: Technical details about the invention and drawings
DSC of Applicant: Dsc of the applicant, if the applicant does not have DSC, it can be provided by Mibook with an additional charge
MSME or StartUp India Certificate (If any): These documents are required for procuring subsidized cost