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Every state has its Shop and Establishment Registration procedures and norms. However, the general provisions of the Act are the same in all states. The Shop and Establishment Registration in India is regulated by the Labour Department of the respective state. The Act regulates the registration of all the shops and commercial establishments operating within the state. The respective state administers the registrations under the Act, and thus it slightly differs from one state to another state. The registration services of Mibook make it easier for those who want to register their shop and establishments in the respective state.

Shops are generally defined under the Act as the premises where the selling of goods takes place either by retail or wholesale or where services are rendered to customers. It includes offices, godowns, storerooms, and warehouses used in connection with the trade or business.

Commercial establishments are generally defined as commercial, banking, trading, or insurance establishment or administrative services where people are employed for office work. It includes a hotel, boarding or eating house, restaurant, cafe, theatre, or other public entertainment or amusement places. However, factories and industries are not covered by the Act and are regulated by the Factories Act, 1948 and Industries (Development and Regulation) Act 1951.


PAN Card: A self-attested copy of the PAN card Of the Proprietor/Partner/ Director

Address Proof: Self-attested copy of address proof of Proprietor/Partner/Director

Proof of Establishment:
1. Rent agreement/ Ownership Deed/ Lease Deed
2. NOC from the owner if rented property

Incorporation Documents: MOA – AOA of Company, Partnership Deed/ LLP Agreement, etc. along with registration certificate, if any, recently clicked the photo of the establishment.

Passport size photograph: 2 passport-sized photographs of the business owners

List of Employees: (including male and female) Child labour Declaration & Specimen Signatures


Every business entity like stores, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, theatres, public entertainment, retails, etc. is established within the state of Karnataka. Any type of shop or establishment that operates as an organisation, trader, or service provider needs to get registered under the shop and establishment act in India.


Once every 5 years, the shop and establishment registration licence needs to be renewed. To get the licence renewed one must apply before one month of the expiry of the certificate. This process is necessary if you want to run the business smoothly. If you are not able to do it from your end then Mibook assists for the same.


sole proprietorship registration in bangalore

At Mibook we observe the rules and regulations imposed by the government of Karnataka and expect the same from those who are acquiring our services for shop and establishment registration in Bangalore:

Under Karnataka Shops and Establishment Act, it is prohibited to employ a child at your shop or establishment. A person under 14 years of age is not allowed and is not required to work. Also, young people and women cannot be required or allowed to work whether as an employee or otherwise in any establishment during the night.

Nine hours of working per day have been determined for employees of Shop and Establishment registered in Bangalore. One can work for 48hrs in a week and a person working more than these set hours is entitled to be paid overtime wages.

The Shop and Establishment Registration in Bangalore must be closed once a week. Each employee must get a full day's holiday without deducting the amount from their salary. This has been imposed keeping in view that every working individual gets time to rest once a week. If any shop or establishment needs to remain open throughout the week then extra staff must be hired for the same.

Every working individual is allowed to take leave once every 20 days of work in a shop or establishment registered in Bangalore. The young persons are permitted to take the leave with wages at the rate of one day for every fifteen days of work done.


Day 1

1. Consulting for registration requirements
2. Collection of basic Information
3. Provide Required Documents for shop and establishment registration certificate

Day 2 - 4

1. Preparation of registration application
2. Filing of registration application

Day 5 onwards

Processing by Government Department

Day 15

Shop & Establishment Registration Certificate


Promote Growth:

Inherently, the business owner who shows 100% commitment towards the compliances of the Shop act would be able to reap unseen benefits in the longer run. The Shop and Establishment Registration in Bangalore done through Mibook strengthens the entity’s roots by imparting it a legal status and allowing the business owners to witness better exposure to an uncatered segment of consumers over time.

Ease of opening a current account:

Business entities that opt for shop and establishment registration in Bangalore, through Mibook can easily open the current account in the bank. You would never have to hunt for additional documents for this purpose, as a Shop act licence would be enough for that. With an independent bank account, you can avoid messing up the business transaction with a personal account. Therefore, it will let you create a separate financial account for the business.

Ensure peace of mind for employer & employee:

Shop and establishment registration Bangalore cover every aspect of business activities that also includes the well-being of the employees. The Act preserves the rights of employees and ensures their safety in terms of health and financial status. Furthermore, the registration of Shop and Establishment also discourages any unethical practice that conflicts with the interest of the workforce. This would help the employer to create a positive working environment for the employee.

Hassle-free inspections:

Conducting a regular inspection of shop owners is part of the working protocol of the State government and local municipality[1]. Frequent inspections could mess up your efficacy of work. However, if you have a Shop Act license at your disposal, then you could overcome such trouble with ease. The Shop act license ensures fewer due diligence and auditing requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Shop and Establishment Registration in Bangalore is done with an objective to secure the rights of both the employees and employers. Under this act, several standards for shops and establishments are outlined which need to be observed by employees and employers.
The act regulates payment of wages, hours of work, terms of service, wages for holidays, leave policy, work conditions, overtime work, the interval for meals and rest, prohibition for employment of children, employment of young persons or women, maternity leave and benefits thereof, opening and closing hours, closed days, weekly holiday, dismissal, cleanliness, lighting and ventilation, fire safety and precautions, accidents, record keeping, etc.

Day 1
1. Consulting for registration requirements
2. Collection of basic Information
3. Provide Required Documents for shop and establishment registration certificate
Day 2 - 4
1. Preparation of registration application
2. Filing of registration application
Day 5 onwards
Processing by Government Department
Day 15
Shop & Establishment Registration Certificate

The major details that are needed to provide during registration of shop and establishment are:
-Name of both Employer and Manager.
-Postal Address of the said Establishment.
-Name of the Establishment.
-Nature and type of Establishment such as the restaurant, amusement park, hotel, etc.
-The number of employees working
-The List of directors

Once the registration process of Shop and Establishment in Bangalore is completed you must keep all the important records that are essential for the smooth running of a business.
As per the shop and establishment Act, every business has to keep up-to-date registers of details of employment, fines, deductions and advances, salary and holidays and also seek approval from the Department of Labour.
The standards may vary between different states but files of annual holidays and the number of employees need to be submitted to the office of the Municipal Corporation annually further no regular return needs to be filed under this Act.

The registration or application fee has to be paid via an online portal designed for the specific type of registration. There are different payment options available such as Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, etc.

In order to register the shop or establishment successfully, an applicant has to pay a minimal amount of fee which varies depending on the legal framework of the respective state. The fee amount also depends on the business area and the number of employees working in the establishment. The higher the number of employees, the higher will be the registration fee.

The procedure that needs to be followed for Shop and Establishment renewal is as follows:
- As an individual or any business entity log in to the official portal and select the registration procedure
- Enter the login details and fill out the application form for renewal and tap on submit button.
- Using your previous registration ID send a request for renewal of the licence along with the required documents.
- Pay the renewal fee and after this check if the application is approved by authorities or not.
- Generally, it takes up to one week for the approval of the application.
- Once the application is approved, download the certificate for renewal which you will find on the right side of the portal.

Remember! that the renewal procedure must be followed before the expiry of the original licence.