TDS Return Filing

Tax deducted at source or TDS is the tax that is collected by the Government of India at the time when a transaction takes place. Here, in this case, the tax is to be deducted at the time the money is credited to the payee's account or at the time of payment whichever happens earlier. In this case of salary payment or the life insurance policy, the tax is deducted at the time when the payment is done. The deductor is required to deposit this amount with the Income Tax Department. Through TDS a portion of the tax is paid directly to the Income Tax Department. The Tax is deducted usually over a range of 10%.

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Eligibility Criteria

TDS return filing is done by organizations or employers who have availed a valid tax collection and deduction number (TAN). Any person who is making specified payments mentioned under the Income Tax Act is required to deduct the taxes at the sources and they are needed to deposit the tax within the stipulated time for making the following payments. Salary Payment

Income on securities

Income by winning the lotteries, puzzles, and others.

Income from winning horseraces.

Insurance commissions.

Payment concerning the National saving scheme and many others.

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Types of TDS return

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Due Date for TDS Return filing

Quarter 1 April - June July 31

Quarter 2 July - September
October 31

Quarter 3 October - December
January 31

Quarter 4 January - March
May 31

Process for TDS online filing

Day 1 - 2

Collection of the information from the details shared by you
Documentation and reconciliation of the information filed

Day 3 - 5

Preparation of TDS return
Filing TDS return online
Acknowledgment of Filing the return

Documents required for online TDS Return filing


The Tax Account Number of the deductor

Tax Paid Receipt

Acknowledgement receipt of the tax paid to Government

Details of tax deducted

Provide us details of the tax deducted

Details of Supplies

Details of the inward and outward taxable supplies along with details of invoice