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1. Preparing a renewal application letter.

2. Filling the application process.

3. Paying renewal fee.

4. Confirmation letter of renewal.

Trademark renewal is a process and one should follow the complete process with the rules and regulations in order to protect the reputation and brand value of a business enterprise or an individual.The registration of a trademark is valid only for a period of 10 years. After which, it can be renewed from time to time. Trademark renewal means to get back your business mark with the similar rights and powers without making open to the outside world. The process of renewal needs to be started 6months prior expiry. If not renewed, the mark will be removed from the Trademark Registry.

How to Renew a Trademark?

Trademark renewal is of two types:

1. There is alteration and change of sign or logo of the registered trademark

2. Application is made without any change in the trademark

Duration to renew a trademark registration

1. The renewal can be filed within one year prior to the date of the expiry as per rules 57 and 58 in Trademark rules 2017

2. The renewal can be filed within six months prior to the date of expiry as per rules 63 and 64 in Trademark rules 2002.

3. The renewal can also be filed within six months after the date of expiry

The following procedures should be followed while applying for trademark renewal

Day 1

1. Preparing a renewal application letter.
2. Filling application process.

DAY 2 - 3

1. Paying renewal fee.
2. Drafting documents

Day 4

1. Confirmation letter of renewal.

Documents Required

Proof of Applicant:1. PAN Card and Address Proof of Applicant.
2. Certificate of registration (other than an Individual applicant)

TM Certificate: Trademark registration certificate issued by Registry

Power of Attorney: It allows the attorney to file the trademark renewal application on your behalf with the trademark registry

Copy of TM-A: The application filed with the TM Registry for its registration is to be provided

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